Introducing the BPA Quality Builder

Built by QA people for QA people, the BPA Quality Builder Software provides leading edge technology to support the delivery of all aspects of your Contact Centre Quality Assurance programme.

A key element behind every effective contact centre quality assurance programme is the availability of systems and technology to support the delivery of each element of the process. Some of the opportunities you can capitalise on with the BPA Quality Builder technology may include:

  • Providing your business with an accurate and real-time picture of quality service delivery and performance
  • Secure multi-channel interaction monitoring and evaluation capability
  • End-to-end QA process solutions; form design, scoring, interaction evaluation, insight capture, calibration, coaching, red flags, compliance, through to detailed reporting and actionable intelligence
  • Shared understanding of positive behaviours and areas of improvement
  • The ability to drill down into the data to identify process improvement, training and development needs
  • Red / green flag capability to highlight adherence and compliance risks
  • Highly scalable, flexible and customisable solutions that are easy to use

Why BPA Quality Builder Software?

With deep QA domain expertise and over over 30,000 users, our QA software is underpinned by a detailed understanding that every organisation’s needs are different.

We work closely with you to understand your current QA process and to identify your specific wants and needs.

  • The software solution is highly customisable and flexible, able to deliver against the most demanding of your requirements
  • At its core the system delivers the ability to have a detailed and accurate view of the quality of your interactions at agent, team, department and enterprise level, across every channel
  • The system and content allows you to identify opportunities for continuous improvement, highlighting positive performance behaviours as well as areas for ongoing development.
  • The system is rich in all of the features required to support highly effective QA programs and enhance the engagement and experience for your customers and
    teams, maintain compliance and deliver a highly valuable source of business data.

By Jeff Bardell, Senior Director, Technology & Innovation