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Vice President, Consumer Support Services, Mastercard

Quality Consulting

It has never been more important to understand the quality of service being delivered to your customers and to develop robust systems to maximise the opportunities presented by every customer interaction.

The current challenges have impacted businesses of all sizes and changed the way we all do business with our customers, driving increased engagement expectations and understanding. Our contact centre quality consulting services are underpinned by over 30 years of global experience working in contact centre quality; this allows us to apply an outstanding depth of contact centre quality expertise.

Our expert consultants draw upon knowledge, practical experience, research, systems & tools, and thought leadership across multiple business types and industries to support the achievement of your business objectives.

We support you in developing your QA vision and strategy, improving performance, and focusing on achieving specific business outcomes. Your business is our priority, our work will align fully with your strategic objectives, carefully understanding your organisation and culture to deliver tangible results through practical, hands-on partnership.

Whether you need advice or guidance in setting up your quality assurance organisation, maximising the effectiveness from your current activity, or you want to investigate how you best measure performance objectively to drive improved customer engagement, our team of QA expert business partners can help.

Our skilled quality consultants have vast experience of contact centre and quality best practice and will work in partnership with you to develop practical and actionable solutions.

Our quality consultants provide in-depth industry and technical expertise in the areas of quality management, augmented intelligence, QA & analytics technology, process excellence, customer insight, maximizing the human element in interactions, coaching and feedback, enhancing KPI’s, and helping you maximise contact centre ROI.

How clients benefit from our contact centre quality consulting

Contact centre quality consulting experts discuss client results


  • Advice and guidance on enhancing your QA vision and strategy
  • A better understanding of great customer experience across every touchpoint
  • A positive brand image and augmented regulatory and legal compliance
  • A greater insight on how to position and deliver products and services


  • Utilisation of external specialists to provide unbiased, expert advice
  • Review of business KPIs and operational deliverables
  • Managed Analytics services to surface, interpret and utilise insights
  • Creation of intelligence and insight reporting

Process Optimisation

  • End-to-end customer journey review to help maximise CX outcomes
  • Structured workshops to determine colleague and customer pain points and how to remove them
  • Targeted expert contact evaluation, mystery shopping and other methods to test journey outcomes
  • Exploration of policies and procedures to refine and deliver positive change

Coaching and Feedback

  • Training Needs Analysis to determine skills gaps against desired skillsets
  • Tailored Training solutions to deliver to unique business requirements
  • QA and CX focused Coaching to empower and develop your staff
  • Development of comprehensive feedback mechanisms to support positive outcomes

Change and Transformation

  • Building robust business cases for change delivery
  • Utilise our experience to deliver Quality Enabled Business Transformation
  • Creation and delivery of Service Improvement plans
  • Enhanced repeatability, reproducibility and precision for you QA teams

Quality Effectiveness Audit

  • In-depth analysis and benchmarking of your Quality Management programme against your industry peers
  • Review of evaluation processes, scorecards and scoring criteria to align with industry best practice
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of calibration processes, communications strategies and technology
  • Comprehensive roadmap report to support positive transformation of your business

Customer expectations are higher than ever. To maximise the impact of your contact centre quality programmes, we need to look beyond simply quality monitoring and lift the lid on your quality processes to ensure they are driving improvements and delivering results.”

Martin Teasdale – Senior Director Quality Experience

Our contact centre quality consulting experts can transform your business