Agent training

Focused on the delivery of successful customer engagements directly addressing the practical issues your team deals with day-to-day

Our call centre agent quality training programme focuses on developing both capability and confidence, so agents feel ready to unlock their potential and provide an exemplary experience on every customer interaction.

Purpose: Used to launch a new quality programme or to up-skill contact centre agents where developmental needs have been identified in the quality monitoring and evaluation process. The workshop involves participants in developing a set of practical metrics that the team will then use to measure and expand the use of effective behaviours and skills which are proven to positively impact customer engagement and experience.

Benefits: This is the core of the BPA philosophy, where focus is placed on the practical business of delivering successful customer engagements directly addressing practical issues that the team deals with day-to-day. At the conclusion targets are set for skill development and KPIs such as conversion rates or NPS scores to ensure the delivery of ROI.

The principal benefits of the workshop are that, since it is practical and involves the agents in their assessment of their performance, it achieves a high degree of buy-in and thereby ongoing commitment to the programme.

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