Measuring The Human Element

Every conversation with a customer is a lot more than just saying words and phrases – it’s an opportunity to make a real connection, to build the human element

Over the many years specialising in Contact Centre Quality delivery we have found the primary focus in Contact Centre Quality programs is often on scripting, process, AHT, risk, contact deflection and compliance, rather than maximising the Human Element.

We believe that every contact centre interaction is an opportunity to deliver the human element and in doing so:

  • Build and reinforce your brand
  • Build trust, credibility, highlight competence
  • Personalise the interaction, build mirrored relationships
  • Understand the reason for the interaction
  • Identify all elements of the contact
  • Build a relationship, show empathy, ownership and understanding; ensure the Customer feels like an individual, not a number
  • Paint a picture to show the Customer you are engaged
  • Offer flexible solutions
  • Build trust, loyalty, retention, sales opportunities, advocacy, first call resolution

Purpose: To provide participants the ability to identify the benefits of various approaches in measuring customer engagement and to be able to use various approaches to provide objective feedback.

Benefits: Expands knowledge and credibility. There are two principle benefits generated from this workshop – the first is remove personal bias from the view of any interaction and the second is to be able to be able to support evaluations with objective evidence.

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