Mystery Shopping & Benchmarking

Target specific skills and behaviours to provide a unique perspective on your customer contact activities.

Whether used as a stand-alone product or as the perfect complement to our Quality Monitoring & Evaluation Service, Mystery Shopping provides a unique perspective to your customer contact activities by targeting specific skills and behaviours.

Our expert analysts pose as customers to provide your agents with situations that require specific responses.

Mystery Shopping can: test to see if a new technical training program is being absorbed; test how new projects are being delivered by agents or received by customers; test the raw sales skills of your sales agents; or identify if they are following proper security procedures.

We provide you with detailed experience reports delivering quantitative and qualitative insight that helps you refine your Customer engagement strategies.

Outputs can be used to change scripting, target coaching, refine training, reposition product messaging and adapt customer contact channels.

No matter how large your business, our mystery shopping approach is built around your objectives; increase sales conversion, improve service levels and procedures, test your agent’s knowledge, ensure compliance with policies and regulations and learn from our global best practice.

The interactions between your customer facing teams and customers shape your business, and in today’s competitive market place having a detailed understanding of these interactions is key to delivering business success.

In addition to our Mystery Shopping programme, we offer our Competitive Review programme.

This helps to put the performance of your customer contact channels into context by providing in-depth analysis of market leaders or competitors to give you a clear picture of your strengths and weaknesses.

Our skilled project managers then help you interpret and use the data to best effect – they become part of your team with a common aim of developing and executing improvement action plans and strategies aimed at enhancing service delivery.

The provision of a benchmark can play a key part in driving business performance.

All aspects of our programme are tailored for you, from the appointment of your project manager to the selection of your dedicated project team, creating the most appropriate evaluation criteria to deliver tailored real-time reporting, ongoing programme development and consultancy.

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