Quality Monitoring & Evaluation

The cornerstone of our products and services is Independent Contact Centre Quality Monitoring and Evaluation, focusing on providing accurate and actionable feedback that supports the delivery of exceptional customer service and experience

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As customer expectations continue to grow it is imperative that businesses have robust processes in place to measure their service delivery against these enhanced expectations.

We provide a full range of Independent Contact Centre Quality Monitoring & Evaluation solutions that include:

  • Inbound / outbound quality monitoring
  • Chat, email and social media quality monitoring
  • Legal, compliance & adherence
  • Service, support and process evaluations
  • Verification audits

Independent Quality Monitoring and Evaluation makes life easier and your contact centre environment more effective – whether you are a senior executive requiring an overview of the quality of your customer engagements, ensuring compliance, gaining feedback and monitoring product performance, or you’re a contact centre manager looking to increase sales, improve KPIs, drive customer loyalty and develop team performance and engagement through targeted insight.

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Our Clients value our ability to connect multi-channel customer experience measurement to clear actions at every level, and deliver profitable change.

We provide you with the data, trends and actionable items you need to make crucial business decisions regarding your customer engagement and people development strategies.

We support you in ensuring your customer contacts are:

  • Maximising the value of every interaction across all channels
  • Improving service delivery and increasing customer satisfaction
  • Enhancing employee performance, engagement and motivation
  • Fully compliant and delivering against your service strategies
  • Increasing acquisition and retention
  • Boosting advocacy
  • Providing valuable customer insight that impacts all areas of the business
  • Delivering maximum long-term return on investment

Why BPA Quality for Independent Contact Centre Quality Monitoring and Evaluation?

Examples of the value of Independent Contact Centre Quality Monitoring to you include:

  • Obtaining independent, unbiased, transparent and objective call, chat & email format monitoring and evaluation
  • Delivering specific actionable insight and intelligence that helps enhance customer experience and engagement, drive performance excellence and increase ROI
  • Obtaining expert independent evaluations supports regulatory and compliance adherence requirements
  • Using specialists allows your Team Leaders more time to coach and engage with their teams, enhancing engagement, performance and customer satisfaction
  • Allows you to understand your customer experience and use this insight to drive business improvement
  • Helps identify service improvements in contact centre KPIs

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