Team BPA Quality smash the Three Peaks Challenge

It’s just over a week since 21 team members from BPA Quality took on the Three Peaks Challenge. Together, we scaled the three highest mountains in the UK – Snowdon, Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis – within 24 hours to raise money for charity.

Our muscles have just about recovered but our minds are still buzzing over the feat we took on and overcame. It saw us raise an amazing £5,000 for the Exeter Chiefs Foundation – smashing our £3,000 target by 157%. There were definite highs, both literal and metaphorical, but some lows too.

Here, members of Team BPA share their stories of the Three Peaks Challenge.

Judith Yates, HR Director.

“At 4.30am on Saturday, whilst trying to boil water on a camping stove, I had to question why we were doing this again. But, of course, the answer to that was simple. It’s to provide our employees with the opportunity to challenge themselves and achieve something remarkable. It was also to raise a huge amount of money for charity in the process.

“The highs are too many to mention. Those key moments for me were watching everyone come back down each mountain and see the huge sense of achievement and sheer joy on their faces. This was through both the pain and the tears, for some.

“During the celebratory dinner having completed the third peak, one of our quality analysts said to me: “I don’t really know why I signed up for this, I just did it on a whim really. I’ve never really done anything like this before and I’ve never had an interest in hiking. But I just thought ‘why not?’. It’s been such a fantastic experience. Not only have I found a real love of the amazing countryside surrounding where we live through our training walks but I’ve made some great friendships with people I would have been unlikely to even speak to through the course of my work. I have discovered just what I’m capable of when I put my mind to it.” Surely there can be no better advocate than that.

Back at the office

“This all spoke volumes to me about the importance of running initiatives like this in organisations. The level of support and encouragement everyone gave each other made me incredibly proud. The Three Peaks Challenge brought together Teamwork, Enthusiasm and Total Performance, which are three of the six BPA Values. I know everyone will have fantastic memories of their achievement and that will be brought back to the workplace to have a positive impact on their employee experience.”

What the team thought …

Mark Turner: “I loved it and feel really privileged to have had the opportunity to take on the Three Peaks Challenge with such an amazing group. Also, I really learnt that hard work pays off.  I prepared really hard for the event and I enjoyed it more than ever before.”

Jelena Morris: “The Three Peaks Challenge was simply awesome! I made unforgettable memories and it was nice to get to know people from work. I struggled to cope with leg pain, the weather, the lack of proper sleep or rest and being cold and wet at the end. It was definitely not an easy task! But the nature and the views we enjoyed along the way just left me speechless.”

Jack McArdle: “The Three Peaks Challenge is such a great thing for companies to do. It really builds team spirit as you see yourself and your co-workers in a different and more human environment.”

Oksana Frewer: “It was the best experience I have ever had in my life. I will be back to do it all again!”

Team BPA Quality would still love to receive your donations for the Exeter Chiefs Foundation, which is dedicated to improving the lives of people in the greater Exeter area. You can support their fundraising here.