Business Games brilliance at BPA Quality

Here at BPA Quality, we’re proud of our workforce. We welcome people from all walks of life to contribute their knowledge and skills so that we are the cream of the crop when it comes to quality assurance. But, we all need to take a break sometimes. Elodie Miege-Prue, Independent Quality Evaluator has spearheaded our involvement in the Bigwave Business Games, which we have taken part in for the last four years. We’re well underway in this year’s competition now too.

“The Bigwave Business Games are a highlight in the year for BPA Quality. This competition brings together corporate teams from the Exeter and Torbay areas for several challenges including touch tennis, clip and climb and pub quizzes. They are all designed to test the physical and mental prowess of our fellow business employees in the south west.

Before taking part in the Business Games, BPA Quality always invested in bringing some fun and dynamism into our offices. Everything from bake sales to escape room challenges has been on offer for staff. But we decided to take this one step further by supporting the communities on our doorstep whilst getting to know each other a little better.

Competition is heating up

This year’s Business Games has been a real blast so far. We all laugh together so much and it breaks down any barriers which may remain in a corporate environment. It also promotes a great sense of achievement. BPA Quality proudly took home the 1st place trophy in 2016 – it was close, it came down to just 1.5 seconds difference in the BellBoat race!

A member of that winning BellBoat team said: “Knowing that we were ultimately responsible for whether BPA Quality won the entire Games put a lot of pressure on the team. But it definitely got the adrenaline pumping. I was absolutely elated when it was announced that we won- we really did work for it, as well as have a lot of fun!”

Team work makes the dream work

For me, I think that these events really help to see your colleagues in a different light and to get to know them better. BPA Quality run taster sessions for some of the events so people can try their hand at something new too before signing up. Sharing these fun experiences really does build camaraderie in the team, which is of huge benefit when we’re back in the office. It is also great for networking with other businesses in the region. We’ve met some great people along the way.”

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