Podcast: The 4 Pillars of an Effective Quality Framework in the Multilingual Contact Centre Setting

BPA Quality’s EMEA Quality Solutions and CX Manager Helen Beaumont-Manahan appeared on the Rutz Consulting podcast to discuss the four pillars of an effective quality framework in a multilingual contact centre.

On the podcast, Helen outlined the fact that quality assessments, calibration sessions and meaningful discussions on quality are usually one of the first things to fall off the wagon when contact centres get busy.

Helen also discussed the need to take a more holistic approach in quality assessment and that tick box exercises no longer serve us and our customer base! 

Instead, contact centres should focus on the 4 Pillars of a Quality Assessment Framework – they work for everyone, in every corner of the globe.
 These are:

  1. The Quality Framework has to be a living / breathing piece for everyone in the company! = Live the Quality Culture
  2. The Quality Framework should always be for the customer, based on outcomes! = Voice of the Customer
  3. There has to be a calibration programme = Dialogue within the organisation
  4. Always consider the human element = The Magic Sauce

It’s a brilliant discussion and a must-listen for any contact centre managers.